Product Management and Methodology, Venn Diagram

AEGIS provides our comprehensive Shield Methodology which incorporates our proven abilities in the following areas:

Our strengths in every one of these disciplines are leveraged in such a way as to compliment each of the others.

Understanding Your Needs

AEGIS' success is predicated on our proven ability to help our clients achieve their goals by transforming business needs into technical results.

Working together to understand the answers to these questions will help us build a powerful, value-based solution for you.

Your Objectives are Our Objectives

Collaboration and planning are critical. To ensure your goals are met and all risks are mitigated, AEGIS defines the vision and the solution collectively with you by:

In doing so, we have earned a strong reputation for on time delivery, on or under budget.

Project Management and Methodology

A strong foundation in project management and methodology underpins all that AEGIS does for our clients. AEGIS maintains an objectively appraised commitment to consistent, high-quality service delivery. Our proprietary Shield Methodology encapsulates our business process model including our proven approach to project management, tailored individually to the unique needs of each project we undertake. These processes are also consistent with the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model – Integration (CMMI). AEGIS has been rated CMMI Maturity Level 3 since January 2010. Most recently, AEGIS was rated CMMI-Dev v1.3 Maturity Level 3 and CMMI-SVC+SSD v1.3 Maturity Level 3 following a SCAMPI Class A appraisal in November 2018. Our commitment to project management expertise permeates from the organizational level down to each individual on AEGIS' staff. More than 20% of our consulting staff are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). We also offer subject matter experts trained in Lean Six Sigma, some of whom carry the Lean Six Sigma Sensei (LSSS) certification. Yet our most significant benchmarks are the successful projects that AEGIS routinely delivers for our clients through our proven approach to project management and methodology.

IV&V and Technical Analysis

IV&V is an integral part of a complete quality assurance and risk mitigation strategy. The purpose of IV&V is to verify that each step of the software development lifecycle is performed in accordance with project standards and industry best practices, and to validate that the implemented system fully meets the business goals and systems requirements. IV&V is a technical discipline applied throughout the entire software project lifecycle, from pre-procurement to post-implementation. AEGIS adheres to industry best practices including the IEEE Standard 1012-2004 for Software Verification and Validation.

IV&V Activity by Project Stage, Diagram

In addition to IV&V, AEGIS' technical business analysts apply their extensive technology and business domain experience to help our clients with a wide range of research, analysis, and planning needs. We perform analyses of alternatives to identify and evaluate options for meeting business needs. We conduct product and solution assessments. We provide comprehensive support for business case development and review including the activities and documentation required for OMB Exhibit 300. Our staff averages more than 15 years of technical and business analysis experience which allows us to deliver such a wide range of technical analysis services, leveraging the expertise and experience that comes from so many years designing, analyzing, and implementing complex information and business systems.

Software Functional and Performance Testing

Incorporating comprehensive testing throughout the development lifecycle is a crucial step in ensuring your organization's investment in both systems and applications are functional, scalable, efficient and sustainable. AEGIS' team of seasoned experts in performance engineering supports our customers in a variety of ways, in variety of technical environments.

Fixing software defects including performance problems is always easier and less expensive the earlier in the software development cycle when the defect is discovered. Our processes seek to find the problems as early as possible. That is what AEGIS means by the term "Performance Engineering" – designing high performance in to the solution from the earliest stages. Otherwise performance problems and other defects can become relatively expensive to correct as depicted in the following graphic adapted from Managing Software Requirements: A Use Case Approach by Leffingwell and Widrig (2003).

Cost to Fix Defects Based on Project Stage Where They're Identified, Diagram

Our testing supports the capacity planning process, ensures Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are successfully achieved, ensures application functionality in a scalable and repeatable manner, and ensures true network efficiency. Through our industry standard testing processes and methodologies and our comprehensive testing analysis and reporting, we not only identify the problems but we also frequently can propose potential solutions and aid the development team in expediting fast and effective corrective actions.

Our testing approach involves a combination of tools and techniques depending on the situation. We often utilize the HP Mercury Interactive tool set (Quick Test Pro (QTP), LoadRunner, WinRunner) or the IBM Rational test tools. In other cases we find that we must design and develop custom test harnesses to meet the testing needs of specialized software systems such as certain Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations. And of course, we also offer non-automated but nevertheless process-driven, hands-on functional testing services.

AEGIS Mobile Test Lab

The AEGIS Mobile Test Lab is a state of the art mobile automated testing environment available for our customers, which can generate the automated load requirement for each engagement. It is a flexible collection of hardware which can be configured to generate a user load ranging from 500 to over 35,000 concurrent users.

It is comprised of:

Please contact AEGIS for details on the latest additions to our Mobile Test Lab and it availability for meeting your unique needs.

Application Design and Development

AEGIS' expertise in enterprise application architecture, design and development ensures that our customers are able to effectively bridge the gap between business needs and technical results. We employ industry best practices and our own Quality Management System by way of our proprietary Shield Methodology. The standards we adhere to are based in the principals and standards of IEEE, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model - Integration (CMMI) and the Control Objectives for Information Related Technology (COBIT) as well as department and organization specific standards.

Our staff maintains technical certifications from IBM Rational, HP Mercury Interactive, Sun, Microsoft, Sybase, the Scrum Alliance, and others. Our technical consultants have taught technology courses to hundreds of students throughout the United States. Our architects have played key roles in modernization and transformation efforts by government and commercial organizations, designing complex, mission critical systems with proven success.

We have designed and led the implementation, testing, and/or deployments of complex systems for various government and commercial clients in sectors including financial, health care, defense, and federal civilian agencies. Our design and development philosophy is "technology agnostic." Our staff which averages 15 years of experience is comprised of experts who have ridden many technological waves throughout their careers. As a result, they understand how to apply technology according to time tested best practices, not solely based on technology's latest fad. That said, we maintain active participation in the advancement of leading edge technologies and philosophies including open source initiatives and Agile software development while at the same time rewarding certified expertise in mainstream and legacy technologies that have stood the test of time. The result is a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and a foundation for pragmatic solutions to technical challenges facing our clients.

Organizational Performance/Process Improvement

At AEGIS, our philosophy on process improvement is simple... it's: how can your business perform better today than it did yesterday while fully engaging your employees to accomplish that? We also believe it's not about starting with the latest methodology or model, it's about starting with a question, "What do you want to achieve and why?"

AEGIS is a company that is committed to continuous improvement, being among an elite group of process-oriented organizations that have earned dual-constellation ratings in Development and Services for CMMI Level 3. If you are committed to real improvement and empowering your employees to make a difference, contact us to learn how we can help.