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Touchstone is an easy-to-use platform used to develop and deploy the most interoperable and secure healthcare applications. The HL7 FHIR standard is rising to the top of healthcare technology priorities because it delivers fast and efficient health data. Our team of experts has implemented the most advanced FHIR Testing platform for you to use anytime, anywhere.

Develop Applications Faster
For software developers, Touchstone brings a ready-made development environment that you can share with others in your organization. Test the capabilities and interoperability between FHIR Server and Client implementations and leverage the power of a well thought out reference implementation, WildFHIR. Our integrated test script editor allows you to create and deploy custom test scripts to meet your current needs while keeping you in compliance with the FHIR standard.

Access at Your Convenience
Our architecture is a public open - access, cloud-based platform. Bring your system to test anytime day or night. No need for time consuming downloads, installations or configurations.

Report Progress
Our interoperability reporting engine enables you to share your results with both internal and external stakeholders. Use our dashboards to report continuous test results to ensure ongoing performance.

Simplify FHIR Updates
Health IT Standards are necessary but complicated and frequently evolve. We update our platforms as new versions come out so you don’t have to comb through documentation to find the change. Touchstone will point the changes out to you in your test results.

World Class Support
Our team of passionate and informed experts go above and beyond to make sure AEGIS customers have what you need, when you need it.

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